Employee Solicitation Letter

By | August 4, 2012


<Salutation>Dear <Name of Employee>,

We would like to appreciate your work and involvement in <Name of Organization>. <Name of Organization> has been a pioneer in providing specialized <Name of product/service> to a large/concentrated client base for several years in running. Our organization’s global presence and eminent role in market dynamics is a direct result of a strong and closely knit employee community. As an employee based organization we not only wish to give you innumerable opportunities to develop in your field of interest but also wish to harbor your talents and encourage you to develop creative solutions to managerial and technological problem that our organization deals with regularly.


By enlisting you as an employee we wish to provide enough opportunities for your growth and transformation into a leader of global consequence and highly specialized skill. As an employee we expect from you foresight in your domain of work and responsible initiative in project assigned to you. An honest and sincere effort from all of us will help achieve phenomenal success for the organization and subsequently for your own self. We look forward to a healthy and prosperous relationship with you and hope that the organization is able to provide ample growth opportunities for you.

With Warm Regards.

<Name of Sender (CEO, Chief of Personnel, etc …)>

<Name of Organization>

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