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<Salutation>Dear Sir/Madam,

<Name of Library> library has been catering to the needs of reading enthusiasts since two decades <specify a time here>. Our library has been involved in a host of reading and scholastic club activities in its course of regular curriculum. <Name of library> has come up as a haven for not only for those who wish to read books but also for numerous others who wish to use the premises for discussions and collaborative work. In this regard the library is presently functioning as a collective centre for research and information sharing.

We believe that this environment can become more beneficial to the members if we introduce a revised stock of books that are more relevant to the present times. With this, and other significant enhancements in the library infrastructure, we will be able to expand our client base. We sincerely hope to acquire your support in bringing infrastructural changes in the library framework. Enclosed is a copy of the library brochure which addresses the main activity domain of the library. This will help you develop a clear perspective regarding the library and its functions. We hope to hear from you soon.

With Warm Regards,

<Librarian, Manager, etc …>,

<Name of Library>,

<Address of Library>,

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