Loan Solicitation Letter

By | August 7, 2012


____________ (Mention the recipient’s name)

________________ (Mention the recipient’s designation)

_________________ (Mention the name of the bank/ financial institute)

___________________ (Mention the date on which the letter is being written)

Subject ____________________ (Mention the purpose of writing the letter in not more than one sentence)

Respected Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. _________________ (Mention the last name of the recipient),

I introduce myself as_________________ (mention your name) working as a _____________ (mention your designation) at _____________ (mention the name of the organization) since the last _____________ (mention since how long you have been working here).

One of your executives had called me for loan last __________ (mention as to when he called up) but I refused as I did not require it then. However, due to ______________ (mention the reason) I require loan on urgent basis now. I am aware that the procedure is a bit lengthy and takes around ____________ (mention the number of days/ weeks/ months it takes) but I need it by _____________ (mention as to when you require it). I have a good track record of paying back loan instalments on time; you may check the same and please grant me loan as soon as possible.

I anticipate a positive reply from your end.

Thanks and Regards,

_____________ (Mention your name)

_______________ (Mention your contact number)

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