New Business Solicitation Letter

By | September 16, 2013


Recipient’s name: ______________

Designation of the recipient: ______________

Name of the recipient organization: _______________

Official address of the recipient: _______________

Dated: __________________ [Here mention the date of writing the letter]

Subject: __________________ [mention the reason for writing the letter]


Dear ________________________ [last name or first name of the recipient],

This letter is to introduce our organization __________________ [name of the sender organization] which has been specializing in ______________________ [type of business carried out by the sender organization] since _________________ [number of years since the business has been established]. We would like to express our interest in ___________________ [type to business solicitation that the sender wants to establish].

We would like to _______________________ [explain the cause of the business solicitation letter].  Through this __________________ [explain the financial goal that can be achieved with the business solicitation]. It is _______________ [mention the schedule and date of the business solicitation]. It would be an honor establishing a business relationship with your organization.

I would like to thank   you for taking out time and reading this letter. I am looking forward to a positive response from your end.


____________ [name of the sender]

__________________ [designation of the sender]

___________________ [legal name of the organization]

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