Solicitation Rejection Letter

By | September 9, 2013


Recipient of the letter: ______________

Recipient’s job title: ______________

Organization in which he is working: _______________

Recipient’s official address: _______________

Dated: __________________ [date of writing the letter]

Subject: __________________ [mention that is regarding rejection of solicitation]


Respected Mr./ Miss. / Mrs. ___________________  [last name of recipient],

This is in regards to the solicitation proposed by your organization on ___________________ [date of proposing the solicitation] in order to ___________________ [reason of the solicitation]. I would like to bring to your notice that our organization has decide to reject the solicitation.

As per the solicitation your organization was supposed to ___________________ [activity being carried out by the recipient organization] and _____________________________ [mention in details the purpose of the proposal sent by the recipient organization]. We feel _____________________________ [mention in details the reasons that triggered the sender organization to reject the solicitation]. We also feel ________________________ [also do mention the reasons due to which the sender organization the solicitation activity won’t help them]. Thus, we had to take the decision of rejecting the solicitation.

I hope you understand the reasons that compelled us to take this decision.


__________________ [name of the sender]

_____________________ [designation of the sender]

___________________ [name of the sender organization]

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