Solicitation Request Letter

By | September 23, 2013


Name of letter’s recipient: ____________

Job title of recipient: ____________

Organization in which recipient is employed: _______________

First line of address of the organization’s office: _______________

Second line of address of the organization’s office: _______________

State the date of writing the letter ___________________

Subject: __________________ [mention that it is a request for solicitation]


Respected Mr. _______________ [last name with proper salutation before it],

This letter is to bring to your notice on behalf of my organization ________________ [name of the organization] to ____________________________ [the event or project for which the sender is requesting for a solicitation]. In this regards we would like to request you to ________________________ [mention how the recipient organization can help in the solicitation process].

Our organization ________________ [name of the organization] has been __________________ [various activities in which the organization is involved].  This year _______________________ [details of the project of the event. Also mention the schedule of the project]. Thus, we would require full support of your organization in regards to this. It would be great if you help us with an amount of _____________________ [amount of money being requested].

Looking forward to your reply.


_________________ [name of the sender]

_________________ [designation of the sender]

______________________ [name of the organization]

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