Sponsor Solicitation Letter

By | August 7, 2012


____________ (Mention the recipient’s name)

________________ (Mention the recipient’s designation)

_________________ (Mention the name of the organization he is working with)

___________________ (Mention the date on which the letter is being written)

Subject ____________________ (Mention the purpose of writing the letter in not more than one sentence)

Respected Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. _________________ (Mention the last name of the recipient),

I ___________________ (mention your name), am working as a _______________ (mention your designation). I have been running this business since the last _________ (mention the number of years). We are continually involved in looking for new and innovative ideas to enhance our business.

We have ______________ (mention as to what you have done) for our company’s progress and this time we are planning to ______________ (mention what your plans are) for advertising our products at a large scale. However, for this we require some sponsors. Your organization is known to invest in such marketing campaigns and we are thus writing to seek your help.

It would be great if you sponsor our firm for organizing this _____________ (mention as to what you are organizing). The tentative date for this event is ___________ (mention the date). Kindly let us know your reply by the ____________ (mention the date) so that we can plan our event accordingly. We await a positive response from your end.

Thanks and Regards,

_________________ (Mention your name)
___________________ (Mention your contact number)

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