Sports Solicitation Letter

By | August 7, 2012


____________ (Mention the recipient’s name)

________________ (Mention the recipient’s designation)

_________________ (Mention the name of the organization he is working in)

__________________ (Mention the name of the city/ state)

___________________ (Mention the date on which the letter is being written)

Subject ____________________ (Mention the purpose of writing the letter in not more than one sentence)

Respected Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. _________________ (Mention the last name of the recipient),

I _________________ (mention your name) working as a _____________ (mention your designation) am glad to announce that moving forward, our company would be taking part in the sports events being organized by _______________ (mention as to who is organizing the sports events).

I have understood the terms and conditions involved in taking part in these sports events and have enclosed the same with this letter. You may go through the same and convey it to the other staff members as well. We would be requiring sports persons for _____________ (mention the name of the sports).

The tournaments are starting from ___________ (mention the date) and we need to prepare our teams for these. Please ensure that we get the list of those interested in taking part in these sports by ___________ (mention the date) and start with the screening. Also please arrange for an experienced coach as soon as possible.

Thanks and Regards,

_____________ (Mention your name)

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