Vendor Solicitation Letter

By | September 12, 2013


_______________ [receiver of the letter]

_______________ [position in which the recipient is working]

_______________ [name of the vendor organization]

_______________________________ [Vendor organization’s street address]

_______________________________ [City and state in which the office is located]

Dated: ___________

Subject: __________________ [exact reason for writing the letter]


Respected Mr. _______________ [last name with proper salutation before it],

This letter is in regards to the vendor solicitation proposed by your organization in order to provide vendor services for _____________________ [type of vendor service provided by the vendor]. I would like to bring to your notice that we are forced to take the decision of cancelling the vendor solicitation.

As per the letter sent on ___________________ [date on which the vendor had sent the letter] you were supposed to _____________________________________________ [mention in details about the vendor service and the process in which the vendor was planning to provide the service].  We do not need vendor service as ___________________________ [mention in details the reason why the sender organization does not need vendor service]. Thus we had to cancel the vendor solicitation.

I hope you find the reason for cancellation justified and hold no grudges.


____________ [name of sender]

__________________ [designation of sender]

___________________ [employer organization of the sender]

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