Dear Arnab,

Today we are writing this letter to you on behalf of the Indian Association for Planning and Welfare, seeking assistance and support for our upcoming conference on the 15th of January in Delhi.

The event merges people with mutual sustainability, education and motivation needs. The conference we are organizing this year presents multifarious opportunities for companies to be a part of our sponsorship programs. Your active participation in the conference will ensure that our organization implements the proper measures required for planning and development for the city of Delhi.

We intend to make this conference impressive and thus are reaching out to you, requesting your sponsorship for the event. The benefits it would provide for your company are multi faceted. First, it will give you a public platform for the promotion of the missions and visions of your company. Secondly, the name of your company with the official letterhead will be showcased as one of the main sponsors of the event. Thirdly, your company gets projected as an institute striving for the betterment of the city and the society on the whole.

Representatives from your company are warmly invited to be our guests. Thanking you in advance for considering our proposal.


Vince Vaughan


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