Sponsorship Approval Letter

By | November 8, 2013


Person to whom the letter is addressed ____________

Position held by the person _________________

Organization whose sponsorship has been approved _____________

Address in which the organization is located _____________-

Date of drafting the letter ______________

Subject: __________________ [exact reason for writing the letter]

Respected Mr. _________________ [last name of the recipient],

This letter is to bring to your notice that the sponsorship request sent by your organization on ________________ [date of sending the sponsorship request letter] for ________________________ [the factor for which sponsorship is required]. The sponsorship will remain in effect till the completion of the project

We went through the details of the project plan that you had mentioned in the letter. We believe that _________________ [mention reasons for which the sender organization finds the project necessary]. We would provide a sponsorship of _______________ [total amount of sponsorship approved]. We would provide the sponsorship by ________________________ [the process in which the sponsorship will be provided].


I am enclosing ________________________ [documents that are being enclosed with the letter] that ___________________ [importance of the document]. I am looking forward to a response from your end.



____________ [name of sender]

__________________ [designation of sender]

___________________ [employer organization of the sender]

_____________________________ [office address of the sender]

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