Sponsorship Invitation Letter

By | August 7, 2012


____________ (Mention the recipient’s name)

________________ (Mention the recipient’s designation)

_________________ (Mention the name of the organization he is working with)

___________________ (Mention the date on which the letter is being written)

Subject ____________________ (Mention the purpose of writing the letter in not more than one sentence)

Respected Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. _________________ (Mention the last name of the recipient),

I, ____________ (mention your name), am writing this letter on behalf of my company _______________ (mention the name of the company). Our company has been involved in helping the (mention as to whom your company has been helping) since the last ____________ (mention the number of months/ years) months/ years. We have organized various events in order to raise fund for this noble cause.

We are again planning to organize an event for the benefit of these people in the month of ___________ (mention the month). We require sponsorship for this event and are thus inviting sponsorships from organizations such as yours. Your organization has been involved in providing help for such noble causes and we are hopeful that you would provide sponsorship for our event as well.

We await a positive reply from your end. You may respond to this letter or contact me at the number mentioned below.

Thanks and Regards,

_________________ (Mention your name)
___________________ (Mention your contact number)

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