Sponsorship Letter Format

By | November 16, 2011


Recipient’s name: [Name of company or individual]:


Recipient’s address:


Subject: [Describe your purpose of the letter in less than 10 words]

Dear/Respected Sir/Ma’am,

[This is the most crucial paragraph as here you must inform the recipient about the event or cause for which you require sponsorship. Also give details of the date and time of the event and where it will take place.]

[In this paragraph, explain in more details about your organisation or institute and give background information about the event.]

[The last paragraph can give the details about how the company you are requesting sponsorship from will benefit from the event. You can mention the number of expected participants, your plan of displaying the names of the sponsor, any additional benefits to the sponsors like free tickets, free booth space and so on.]

Thanking you,

Sender’s name [Mention your name]


Name of your institute or organisation

Sender’s address