Sponsorship Nomination Approval Letter

By | October 21, 2013


Person to whom the letter is addressed ___________________

Position in which the person works _____________

Company in which the person works __________________

Address in which the company is located ____________________________

Date: _______________

Subject: __________________ [mention that the sponsorship nomination has been approved]


Respected Mr. _______________ [surname of the recipient],

This letter is in regards to the sponsorship nomination letter sent by your _____________ [type of organization] on ______________ [date of receiving the sponsorship nomination letter] in order to nominate _____________ [name of the candidate being nominated] who is a ___________ [relation of the nominee with the recipient organization] for sponsorship in order to ____________ [reason for the sponsorship]. We are pleased to inform you that the sponsorship nomination has been approved.

We did go through the profile of the candidate and were quite impressed. We believe that ________________ [mention in details the factors that compelled the sender to approve the sponsorship].

I am enclosing a document stating the terms and conditions of the sponsorship approval.  I would request you and the nominee to put your signatures in the document and mail it back to us.


____________ [name of sender]

__________________ [designation of sender]

___________________ [employer organization of the sender]

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