Sponsorship Response Letter Template

By | August 7, 2012

 Date: __ __/ __ __/ __ __[dd] [mm] [yyyy]


_______________ [sponsorship seeking party]

_______________ [address]

Subject:-Sponsorship response letter

Dear _____________ [Sir/ Madam/ Name],

We have received your request for sponsorship for your program ________________ [name of the sponsorship program], which you have announced on _______________ [announcement date] in ___________________ [media of announcement/TV/Newspaper]. The sponsorship that we are offering is for the category ______________ [area of focus] and will start from the year __________ [year of start].

This sponsorship will provide the benefits worth ______________________ [amount of sponsorship]. There are total ______________ [number of seats for sponsorship available] available with us this year.

We acknowledge that _______________ [you/your company/your team/your institution] have got some great achievements in the past and has got the potential to grow in future. We have a strict selection procedure by which we can give the funding and benefits to the most deserving candidates. We have received your letter for sponsorship on _______________ [date of receiving in dd/mm/yyyy] and the selection committee is currently in the process of short listing the candidates for the final slots.

The actual list will be declared on ____________ [date of declaration], in _______________ [media of declaration]. We request you to follow the same for the results.

We wish you all the best for your future.




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