Sponsorship Termination Letter

By | October 11, 2013


Recipient’s first and last name _______________

Designation in which the recipient works __________________

Organization whose sponsorship has been terminated ______________

Office address of the organization _______________

Dated: ____________ [day] of ____________ [month], ____________ [year]

Subject: __________________ [exact reason for writing the letter]


Respected Mr. _______________ [last name with proper salutation before it],

This letter is in regards to the sponsorship of _______________ [the event of the project type for which sponsorship is required]. I would like to bring to your notice that our organization has decided to terminate the sponsorship that we were supposed to provide.

We had received a sponsorship request from your end on _________________ [date of receiving the sponsorship request] informing about the _____________________ [purpose of the event or project for which sponsorship was required]. We found it to be a noble cause and had agreed to provide sponsorship for the request. _______________________ [mention in details the reason that compelled the sender organization to terminate the sponsorship]. Thus, we have no choice but to terminate the sponsorship.

I hope you find the reason for termination justified and don’t hold any hold feelings against us.


____________ [name of sender]

__________________ [designation of sender]

___________________ [employer organization of the sender]

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