Account Statement Letter Template

By | August 7, 2012

Date: __ __/ __ __/ __ __[dd] [mm] [yyyy]


__________________ [Name of customer]

__________________ [Address]

__________________ [City Name]

Subject:-Account statement letter

Dear _______________ [Salutation],

I _______________ [name of the writer], _____________ [designation] on behalf of the _______________ [bank name], writing this letter to inform you in regards to your account statement. As per your previous request, we have enclosed a detailed statement of your account from ____________ [start date dd/mm/yyyy] to ____________ [end date dd/mm/yyyy] for the account number ________________________ [account number].

The list of transactions is as per our records. If you find any details that are left out then you can contact the bank without further delay. We feel privileged to serve such loyal and regular customers of the bank. We are here to ensure the safety and growth of your finances. If you have any doubts about your account or need any more information then you can contact Mr/Mrs ____________________ [concerned authority] between _________ [working hours] in person. For further enquiries you can also call our 24X7 customer service number _________________ [customer service number].

We are here to provide the best customer service to our customers and will be happy to help you.




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