(Name of Recipient)

(Title of Recipient)

(Name of Bank)

(Branch Name)

(Address of Bank)

Date: –/–/—-

To [write the title and name of the recipient],

I am [Name of Sender] of [Address of the Sender]. I am required to submit a printed bank statement to my current landlord or landlady, [Name of the landlord or landlady] to renew my lease over the property [Address of the property].

I currently have a [type of account] with the number [Account Number] in your bank. It was last accessed on [date of last access]. The transactions are mainly done via [internet or telephone or ATM or person].

It would be very helpful if you could issue me a hard copy of the bank statement at the earliest possible as the extension of lease is on [date of extension of lease]. Thank you for your consideration and valuable time.

Thanking you,

(Signature of Sender)

(Name of Sender)



Sample Statements


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