Rent Statement Letter Template

By | August 7, 2012

Date: __ __/ __ __/ __ __[dd] [mm] [yyyy]


__________________ [Name of the tenant]

__________________ [Address of the tenant]

Subject:-Rent statement letter

Dear ___________[name the tenant]

I ________________ [name of the landlord], resident of ______________ [Residential address] is the sole and legal owner of the property with the address ___________________ [address of the rent property]. The property is built in the area of ____________ [area in square feet] and is located on the __________ [floor of building] in ____________ [city].

I am making this rent agreement as I am leasing the above mentioned property to ________________ [name of the tenant], who is a permanent resident at ________________________________________ [permanent address of the tenant]. The period of the lease as per law is for ___________ [time span for leasing in years]. Mr./Mrs./Miss_____________ [name of the tenant] has agreed to pay the rent of ___________ [amount of rent], every month by _____________ [cash/cheque/DD/PD cheque]. _________ [He/ She] has deposited a sum of _______________ [deposit amount] as security deposit on ________ [date].

The above mentioned property is equipped with ________________ [fixtures present in the property]. Any damage to the mentioned fixtures or the property here on will be the responsibility of the tenant and will be liable for the repairs.

The lease can be cancelled by both the parties within _________ [time/month/year] of prior notice. Renewal will be at the discretion of both the parties.


Signature_____________ [Landlord]

Name_______________ [landlord]

Signature_____________ [tenant]

Name________________ [tenant]

Witness 1 Signature______________

Witness 2 Signature_______________

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