Date: __ __/ __ __/ __ __[dd] [mm] [yyyy]


______________ [name of the concerned person]

______________ [name of the company]

______________ [address of the company]

Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss _______________ [name of the addressee],

Sub: – Statement of Support

My name is ___________ [your name] and I have enclosed a copy of my _______________ [identity proof like passport, driving license, etc] as my identity proof. I am writing this letter in support of Mr/Mrs/Miss ____________ [name of the person being supported] who is my ________________ [relation to the person supporting] and is a ____________________ [designation like student, trainee, etc.] at _____________________ [name of the college/ institute/ organization].

I have known ________________ [name of the person being supported] for _____________ [duration in months/years]. _________________ [name of the person being supported] is a very enthusiastic, hard-working and energetic. _______ [he/she] has joined _________________ [name of the organization] in order to gain experience and in his field of study. ____________________ [name of the program] will help __________ [him/her] to add a value to _______ [his/her] values and experience. During this conduct _________________ [name of the supported person] will be under my guidance and support as a guardian.

I am just lending my support so that he/she is able to look forward for a better career. I hope you please consider the request

Yours Sincerely,

_______________ [your signature]

_______________ [your name]

_______________ [name of the organization]


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