Statement Request Letter

By | January 10, 2011

23rd May 2010

Fiona Lewis


New line properties

New Jersey

Dear Ms Lewis,

I request you to provide me the property papers of House no. 16, sky View Apartments, wellington street, New York. I am informing you with great regret that I have lost the original documents in a terrible fire that occurred two days ago in my house due to a gas leakage.

I would be very much obliged if the new copy can be provided to me as early as possible so that I may be able to wind up all the formalities regarding my house sale. These formalities include taxpaying, legal procedures as well as registration of the house.

I assure you that this information that I seek is for a completely personal and not commercial use in any manner. Please feel free to contact me via telephone number-006176546 if you need any further inputs from my end.


John Jacobs