Vendor Statement Letter Template

By | August 7, 2012

Date: __ __/ __ __/ __ __ [dd] [mm] [yyyy]


____________________ [Name of the receiver]

____________________ [Company name]

____________________ [Address]

Subject:- Vendor statement letter

Dear _____________ [Sir/ Madam/ Name],

I _________________ [name of the person authorised] is writing this letter on behalf of the _________________ [name of the vendor/ company], to inform the above mentioned company about the ____________________ [monthly/quarterly/annually] statements generated by us.

As per our records, all the dues till ______________ [date mdd/mm/yyyy] are ______________ [cleared/pending] as per the latest statement. Your previous due towards the account is ____________ [amount] and according to the latest statement the due amount is _______________ [amount]. Hence, your total due balance is __________________ [amount]. As per our payment policy this payment has to made in _______________ [in full/partially] within ________________ [time limit] by ______________ [cheque/cash/Demand Draft] drawn in favour of ___________________ [name of the payment receiver].

___________________________ [name of the buying company] has been our esteemed client since ____________ [date in mm/yyyy] and we are happy to serve your requirements. We have enclosed all the other required details with the letter. If any other information is required from your end then please feel free to call the _____________ [customer service/manager/office] at ____________ [working hours/time] on _________________ [contact number].




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