How to Write a Sympathy Letter

By | June 1, 2010

Sympathy is the combination of most healing words to express gratitude for someone’s grief and loss. Whenever, near and dear ones suffer any kind of loss, a sympathy letter is written to express his/ her sentiments towards sufferer and his/ her family.  But there is a method to produce a good sympathy lettering which includes the following points:

  • Mention the appropriate address of the recipient including proper pin code.
  • Address the receiver carefully by taking care of your relationship with the person and of seniority. Use Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. Before the name.
  • Make an initial statement to convey your sympathy in the letter and also indicate your awareness in the letter including the incident or matter of recipient’s loss. Be sure that words are not straight forward.
  • Explain your state to show how sad you are.
  • Share your knowledge and relation with the sufferer and mention about few memories. Give some endeavours and achievements of the person.
  • Offer your prayers, inspirational message in the letter, but choose the words carefully to write this.
  • Show your care and concern by offering help and financial support. At the end, leave your proper contact address along with the personal number and mailer ID.