Business Partnership Termination Letter

By | January 10, 2014


____________________ [name of the recipient]

____________________ [designation of the recipient]


____________________ [name and address of the business organization/recipient’s address]

Date: Mention the date on which the letter is written

Subject: Business partnership termination

Respected Sir/Madam _________ [salutation]

This letter is in reference to the business partnership agreement that was formed on ____________ [mention the date on which the business partnership agreement was drafted], to carry on the business procedures related to ___________ [mention the functions of partnership], with business office at _____________ [mention the principal office]. This partnership termination letter informs you about the dissolution of the partnership agreement as on ______________ [mention the date of the business partnership termination].

Please be informed that the business partnership between the partner’s _____________ [name of the partner 1] of ____________ [address of partner 1], _____________ [name of partner 2] of _____________ [address of partner 2] and ______________ [name of partner 3] and ___________ [address of partner 3] has been terminated. The reason behind the termination of the business partnership is ___________________________ [mention the reason behind the termination].

The partnership will be dissolved, effective from _________ [mention the effective date of termination] and the partners are entitled to clear the formalities and procedures mentioned in the enclosed documents.

Thanking you.


_______________ [sender’s name]

_______________ [sender’s address]

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