Rental Lease Termination Letter

By | January 16, 2014


____________________ [name of the tenant]


____________________ [complete address of the tenant]

Date: Mention the date on which the letter is written

Subject: Rental Lease Termination

Dear _________ [name of the tenant]

This letter is in reference to the rental lease that I entered with you on ____________ [date on which the rental lease was entered] with respect to the property located at ___________ [mention the address of the property which is given on rental lease]. The lease was suppose to end on _________ [mention the date of termination as per the lease] and as per the lease, ____________ and _________ [mention the terms and condition of the lease].

Due to _____________ [mention the reason], I have decided to terminate the lease earlier and thus the termination will be effective from ___________ [mention the date from which termination will be effective]. As per the lease terms and conditions, I am giving you a time period of _________ [mention the time period] after which you have to vacate the property.

Your security deposit will be returned to you after the inspection of the property. In case if you need any other information, you can contact me on __________ [mention the contact details].

Thanking you.


____________ [sender’s name]

____________ [sender’s address]

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