Voluntary Termination Letter

By | January 21, 2014


____________________ [name of the recipient]

____________________ [designation of the recipient]


____________________ [name and address of the organization]

Date: Mention the date on which the letter is written

Subject: Voluntary termination letter

Respected Sir/Madam _________ [salutation]

I am_____________ [mention the name of the sender], employed at the job post of ___________ [mention the designation of the sender] at ___________ [name of the organization]. I have been working with __________ team [mention the team/department] since __________ [mention the date of joining of the employee/sender].Through this letter I would like to inform you about my decision of voluntary termination from my employment and services from your organization and the effective date of my voluntary termination is _______________ [mention the effective date of termination].

I have to take this decision as ____________________ [mention the reason behind voluntary termination]. I hope you will understand my condition and will release me from my services and duties.

I would like to thank you for providing me with an opportunity of working at an esteemed organization like yours. I will contact the HR department for completing other formalities of the voluntary termination. In case if I need to provide any other information, please contact me on _________ [mention contact details].

Thanking you.


______________ [sender’s name]

______________ [sender’s designation/employee number]

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