Employee Final Warning Letter

By | March 9, 2012

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Dear Ms./Mr.,
Sub: Final Warning Before Termination
It has come to our notice that in spite of several warnings, you have failed to make any changes in your conduct toward your colleagues and seniors over time. This matter was first brought to your notice three months ago (mention date), following which you had reassured us that you would make the necessary changes as early as possible.
Ours is an organization that expects exceptionally high standards of conduct from its employees in matters of communication with every individual who belongs here, be it a superior, a colleague, or a subordinate. We now have no alternative but to inform you that if you do not show the necessary improvement in the near future, you will be liable for termination from the organization without notice.
We expect to see a suitable improvement in your conduct based on the suggestions provided to you in the previous warning letters by the end of this month (mention specific date).
Thank you.
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