Vendor Appointment Letter

A vendor appointment letter is written by a person or an organisation to another in order to inform them about their appointment as a vendor. A letter template for such purpose is a ready to use document that provides format and outline to draft an effective letter as per needs and requirements. Below given is a sample of vendor appointment letter template.

Sample Vendor Appointment Letter:





[In the blanks above mention in sequence the name of the individual being addressed in the letter, the company name (if any) and the complete physical address of the individual.]

Date: ___________________ [In this blank mention the date on which you are writing the letter]

SUBJECT: ___________________________________

[In the blank above comes the statement of gist of the letter.]

_______________________ [In this blank mention the name of the addressed individual with appropriate salutation]

I am ____________________ [sender must write down his/ her name] and I am writing this letter in reference to _______________________ [mention the reason for the letter i.e. vendor appointment].

The purchase department of the organisation has finalised to appoint you as the vendor for the organisation. There are a few terms for the appointment which are as follows:

  • _____________________________
  • _____________________________
  • _____________________________

[In the blanks here mention the terms under which the appointment is being issued.]

We hope that this is the beginning of new and long business relations. Please revert back to us as soon as possible so that further contractual procedures can be completed. Awaiting a reply from you,

With regards

_______________________ [the sender must sign in the blank]

Dealership Appointment Letter

A dealership appointment letter is written to inform the person or an organisation about their appointment as a dealer.  The letter template is a formatted document that can guide anyone in need into framing an actual dealership appointment letter. Following is a sample of a dealership appointment letter template.

Sample Dealership Appointment Letter:


_____________________ [The name of the receiver/ addressed must be mentioned here]

_____________________ [In the following two blanks mention the complete contact details of the receiver including the postal code]


___________________ [In this blank write the date in the date/month/year format]

SUBJECT: ___________________________________ [Here write a brief subject.]

______________________ [Here write the name of the receiver with salutation and title.]

This letter is being written to you in reference to your appointment for the ___________________ [mention the type of dealership for which the recipient has been appointed] We received your application dated _________________ [mention date on application] along with the documents.

After proper examination of the documents and by looking at your credentials,  we have decided to appoint you as the dealer for our products.You can begin to work as the dealer from __________________ [mention date of joining]. Please carry with you _____________________ [mention he documents the recruit is required to carry] documents to get a hold on the items for selling.

Please revert back within 2 days so as to complete formal procedures before above mentioned joining date.

Thanks and Regards

_________________ [the sender/ authorised individual must sign his/ her full name]

_________________ [the full name and job title of the sender]

Executive Director Appointment Letter

When hiring an individual at the executive director position, the employing entity must issue a letter to the effect and this letter is referred to as the executive director appointment letter. The template provides an outline for drafting such letter and a sample of the same is given below.

Sample Executive Director Appointment Letter:


________________________ [the receiver’s full name must be filled in here with title]

________________________ [receiver’s full postal address must be filled here with street and postal code]

Date: _____/ ______/ ________ [the date of writing the letter must be filled in here]

Subject: ____________________________________________ [an appropriate subject depicting the objective of the letter must be filled in here]

Mr / Ms. / Mrs. _________________[fill in the receiver’s name]

It is our pleasure to inform you that your application for the _________________ [mention the name of the position in question] was received by us on ___________________ [mention the date of receiving the application] and has been successfully approved for appointment.

Your suitability for the position has been adjudged best. You are requested to revert back to the office within _____________ [mention the time limit within which the individual is expected to reply with the acceptance or rejection] to receive a joining date. The salary for the position is set at ______________________ [mention the amount of salary] and the standard terms of appointment apply. You will have to carry the originals of __________________ [mention the documents] documents on joining.

We hope to hear positive response within the deadline.

Best wishes

__________________ [sender’s signature]

_________________ [sender’s name and job title]

Business Consultant Appointment Letter

A business consultant appointment letter is written by a company to a person while appointing him/her as the business consultant. A template for such letters provides a format that helps to draft an effective letter. Below given is a sample of letter template.

Sample Business Consultant Appointment Letter:


Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. ___________________



[In the blanks above the full name of the receiver must be mentioned followed by his/ her complete physical address including the zip code]

__/ __/ ____ [the date of letter writing must be mentioned here in format dd/mm/yy]

Subject: _______________________________________________ [the subject of the letter must be written here]

Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. _________________ [only the last name of the receiver be filled]

This letter is being written in reference to the application filed by you on _______________ [date on the application] for the __________________ [mention the job position title]. We are to inform you that the application has been accepted for appointment.

If you approve of the appointment within coming _________ hours [mention the time limit after which offer expires] you will be joining us on the _______________ [mention the date of joining]. The job description and compensation remain same as mentioned in the recruitment call outs. We expect all our employees to be ____________________ [mention the basic ethical/ characteristic requirements of the employees] and hope that you will be a suitable addition.

Awaiting a reply


______________________ [the sender must sign here]

______________________ [the sender’s full name must be mentioned here]

Appreciation Letter for Professor

An appreciation letter for professor is the letter written by a student to his/ her professor praising the professor for all the knowledge and support provided. The appreciation letter for professor- template is the document which entails the basic pattern and outline of such a letter. It is prepared in conformance with the format.

Sample Appreciation Letter for Professor:


­__________________________ [the full name of the professor must be filled here]


__________________________ [the full contact address of the respective professor along with an email id, if needed]

Date: _____________________ [the date of writing the letter in the format e.g. 7th February 1999, must be written in the blank]

Subject: ________________________________________________ [in this blank write the subject for the letter]

Dear Prof. ________________ [mention the last name of the professor]

My name is _______________________ [mention your full name here] and I have been a student of yours at the ______________________ [name of the institution where studied] for ______________ years [mention the no. of years studied under the professor].

My years at _____________________ [name the institution again] were amazing and great because of professors like you. You ___________________________________________

__________________________________________ [mention all that the professor did for you, like supported, guided etc you] and I am grateful for it. To show my appreciation all I can say is ____________________________________________________________ [mention in this blank all that you want to say to express your appreciation].

I will always remember you and hope that you will remember me too.

Utmost Regards and Thanks

__________________________ [the student must sign here]

__________________________ [the full name of the student goes here followed by email id]

Appreciation Letter to Real Estate Agent

An appreciation letter to the real estate agent is written when thanking a professional in the position of real estate agent for his/ her services. The letter template is the document which when used as per the direction in the brackets will result in an actual appreciation letter.

Sample Appreciation Letter to Real Estate Agent:


________________________ [name of the real estate agent]

________________________ [name of the real estate company]

________________________ [address of the real estate company with zip code]

_______________________ [date of writing the letter in pattern date- month- year]

Subject: __________________________________________ [the subject of the letter i.e. appreciation for the work and underline it]

Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. _____________________ [surname of the agent]

I, ________________________ [sender name for introduction] and am writing this letter to thank you for your assistance in helping me find the best _____________________ [mention the type of the property purchased].

You have been very patient, _________________________ [mention any other such characteristic qualities of the agent] through my search for the perfect property. And you did not give up until I found exactly what I was looking for.  I really appreciate your help and would like to say _________________________ [fill this blank with the message of appreciation you want to convey to the individual]. I will surely recommend you to any of my friends and family looking to buy any real estate.

Once again, thanks a lot and all the very best for your future endeavours.

Best wishes

______________________ [sender must sign in this blank]

______________________ [sender must write down his full name in this blank]

Appreciation Letter to Insurance Agent

An appreciation letter to insurance agent is written by a person to thank an insurance agent for services provided. The template for these types of letters provide outline to draft an effective letter. A sample letter template is given below for reference.

Sample Appreciation Letter to Insurance Agent:


____________________________ [insurance agent’s full name]

____________________________ [the company’s name in which the agent works]

____________________________ [the address of the respective company where the agent works]

Date: ________________________ [the date on which the letter is being written to the agent]

Subject: ______________________________________________ [write an appropriate subject for the appreciation letter and underline it]

_________________________ [the last name of the agent along with an appropriate title like Mr. or Mrs is mentioned here]

I, _____________________ [write your name] purchased the ________________________ [mention the name or code of the policy purchased from the agent] from you and am writing to show my appreciation for all your support.

You provided me with all the required information of the different ____________________ [mention the kind of the policy purchased for example life insurance or house insurance etc.] insurance devices which helped me make an informed decision. I applaud and appreciate all of the ______________ and _______________ [mention in the blanks the qualities of the agent which helped you. E.g. dedication] you showed me.

I am sure to inform all of my friends and family about your skills as a token of appreciation on my part.


________________________ [sign your name here]

________________________ [fill in your full name]

Appreciation Letter to Recruiter

Recruiter is the individual who helps someone get a job as per their requirements and qualifications. An appreciation letter to recruiter template is the template of the letter via which a newly recruited individual thanks/ appreciates the respective recruiter’s help. A sample of such a template follows to be used by anyone in need.

Sample Appreciation Letter to Recruiter:


Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. _______________________ [fill with full name of the recruiter]

___________________________________ [fill in the full correspondence address of the recruiter and/ or his firm, along with the name of the company]

Date: _____________________________ [fill in the date of writing the letter]

Subject: ___________________________________________ [fill in with and underline an appropriate title/ subject for the letter]

Dear Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. ______________________ [write the name of the recruiter]

I, ________________________ [fill in with your own name] am writing this letter in reference to the ___________________________ job [fill in the title/ type of job recruiter helped you get] I have backed with your help.

The job is suitable as per my _____________________ [fill in the level of education you have received] and provides me with _______________________ working hours [fill in the working hour definition you required]. It was only with your help and support than I was able to find a job this perfect. I appreciate all the ______________________________ [mention all the qualities like understanding, hard work etc. of the recruiter] you showed in getting me the job.

I am truly grateful for and appreciative of you assistance.

With thanks

______________________ [sign here]

______________________ [fill in your full name here]

New Employee Appreciation Letter

When a company wishes to appreciate the efforts of one of its new employees, it writes a new employee appreciation letter to them. The new employee appreciation letter template is the standard pattern letter which displays how the letter should be framed in accordance with the official format.

Sample New Employee Appreciation Letter:


_________________________ [the name of the new employee goes here]

_________________________ [the title of the employee goes here]

_________________________ [the company name and formal location goes here]

________________________ [the date in dd/mm/yyyy format]

Subject: ______________________________________ [the object with which the letter is written goes here in brief]

Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. ________________________ [write the full name of the employee following the title appropriate of the three mentioned]

We are writing this letter to appreciate your efforts in the ____________________ [mention in the blank the position at which the employee holds] position that you hold at the _______________________________ [mention the name of the company].

It has been only _________________ months/ days [mention the number of days or months since the joining of the employee] since you joined the office but your efforts have shown in the midst of those made by other employees. As a token of appreciation for you good work management has decided to _____________________ [mention the reward being offered to the employee] for you.

We hope you will keep up the good work.

With best wishes

________________________ [the authorised official must sign here]

________________________ [the authorised officials full name must be written here]

_______________________ [the job title the official holds must be mentioned here]

Landlord Authorisation Letter

There are many situations under which a tenant needs authorization from the respective landlord for example in case tenant wants to get some renovation done etc. The letter the landlord issues to the tenant authorising the activity is referred to as the landlord authorisation letter. A sample of the landlord authorisation letter template is being given below to assist all those in need of framing such a letter.

Sample Landlord Authorisation Letter:


_________________________ [full name of the tenant with appropriate title]


_________________________ [full correspondence address for the addressed individual including the area postal code]

Date: _____________________ [the date on which letter written]

Subject: ____________________________________________ [a subject for the letter depicting the purpose with which it is written]

Mr. / Ms. /Mrs. _______________________ [last name of the addressed/ tenant]

This letter is being written in response to your request for __________________________ [the reason for which the tenant is seeking the permission of the landlord be mentioned in brief] dated _______________________ [date on which tenant wrote to the landlord].

I have thought about the request you made and have decided to grant you the authorisation. You can formally go on and proceed with the ______________________________________ [mention is somewhat detail what the tenant wants to do to the respective property]. But there are a few conditions that you must meet and certain caution points which are

  • _______________________
  • _______________________

[Mention the conditions you want the tenant to fulfil]

I hope you will agree to them and keep me posted.


_____________________________ [the landlord must sign here]