Maternity Leave Announcement Letter

A maternity leave announcement letter is the one written by an authority figure announcing the fact that one of their employees is going on a maternity leave. A maternity leave announcement letter template is a ready to use formatted document which is meant to help the authority figure frame the said letter with ease.

Sample Maternity Leave Announcement Letter:


_________________ [Write down the name of the individual (s) to whom the letter is being sent]

_________________ [Write the job position and the title of the individual to whom letter is being sent]


__/ __/ ____ [Write the date on which the letter is being sent]

Subject: ____________________________ [Write the subject of the letter for example- announcement of maternity leave etc.]

___________________ [Write appropriate salutation for the individual to who letter is being sent]

We are writing this letter to announce that _____________________ [write name of the employee going on maternity leave] is going on a maternity leave.

Her leave starts on the ________________ [write the date on which the leave starts] and she will be back on the __________________ [write the date on which the employee will be coming back from the leave]. She has been working with us as the __________________ [write down the job position at which the employee is working in the organisation] and in her absence the position and related work will be handled by _______________________ [write the name of the employee who will be handling the work of employee on leave].


_______________ [write down the name of the authorised individual]

New Appointment Announcement Letter

When a new employee is appointed at a position in the organisation, the entity may issue a letter informing others about the new appointment. This letter is called a new appointment announcement letter, and a new appointment announcement letter template is a readymade document that is used to facilitate the framing of the actual letter.

Sample New Appointment Announcement Letter:


Mr. / Mrs. / Ms.__________________



[In the blank above first write the name of the individual to be addressed in the letter, then write the title held by the respective individual and then the address (official or otherwise) of the individual)


__/ __/ ____ [In the blank write the date of sending letter in dd/mm/yyyy format]

Subject: _______________________________________________

[In the blank above write a short subject for the letter]

Dear _________________ [In this blank write the name of the receiver]

This letter has been written to notify you about a new appointment that has been made by the organisation.

We have appointed __________________ [in this blank write the name of the individual appointed] at the position of the ____________________ [in this blank write the title of the position at which the individual has been appointed]. He/ she will be joining us on the ______________ [in this blank write the date of joining of new employee]. We hope that you will welcome him/ her with a warm attitude and a friendly perception.

Thanking you

___________________ [the writer signs here]

___________________ [the writers name must be written here]




_______________ [write down the name of the authorised individual]

Farewell Announcement Letter

A farewell announcement letter refers to the letter written by the sender to inform the receiver about the impending farewell of a certain individual. The farewell announcement letter template is a ready to use document which is a format version of this exact letter type. A sample of the same is being given.

Sample Farewell Announcement Letter:

__________________ [Here the full name of the addressed is to be written]

__________________ [Here the title of the addressed and his/ her official contact address is to be written]


__/ __/ ____ [Here the date on which the letter is being written is presented]

Subject: ___________________________________________________ [Here write down an appropriate compact subject for the letter]

Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. ___________________ [Here the salutary name of the addressed be written]

I, ________________ [name of the individual writing the letter] am writing this letter in regards to the farewell of ______________________ [name of the individual whose farewell is the agenda of the letter].

He/ she is leaving our company because _________________ [here write the reason for the individual leaving the organisation like retirement, better prospects etc.] and the farewell date is _________________ [here write the date which has been fixed as the individual’s farewell day]. We have decided to arrange a farewell party for him/ her in the premises and we would like you to be present there. The party starts at ________________ [here write the time at which the party is supposed to begin.]

Thanks and see you there

___________________ [here the individual writing the letter must write/ sign his/ her name]

Board Meeting Announcement Letter

A board meeting announcement letter is the letter which announces to the receiver about a board meeting and is used to given information about it. A letter template provides framework for drafting such a letter. The sender can use a board meeting announcement letter template to draft a letter as per the requirement.

Sample Board Meeting Announcement Letter:

__________________ [Here the full name of the addressed is to be written]

__________________ [Here the title of the addressed and his/ her official contact address is to be written]


__/ __/ ____ [The date of writing the letter must be given in date/ month/ year format.]

Subject: ___________________________________________________ [The subject or the main gist of the letter is to be written here.]

Good Morning/ Good- evening Sir/ Ma’am

This letter has been issued by the management of the organisation to make announcement of the next board meeting.

The management calls out for the board meeting to be conducted on the _________________ [mention the date on which the board meeting is to be conducted] at ___________ [mention the time on which the meeting starts] in the _________________ [mention the place i.e. office conference room number etc. at which the meeting is to be conducted] at the office building. The agenda of the meeting is ________________________ [mention the agenda which will be discussed in the respective board meeting] and the presentations will be led by _____________________ [mention the name of the individual who will be leading the presentations.

Please be present for the meeting in time.

With regards

___________________ [the sender must write his/ her name]

General Manager Announcement Letter

The general manager announcement letter is the official letter written by one official to another informing the latter about the appointment status of the said position. A letter template provides format and an outline of the letter which can thus be used to draft a letter a per the requirements. A general manager announcement letter template is given below for reference.

Sample General Manager Announcement Letter:




[The blanks above are to be filled in with the full name, job title, and full official contact address of the receiver]


Date: _____________ [here the date of writing must be given]

Subject: ___________________________________________________

[Here write down the subject of the letter and underline it for highlight]

Dear ______________ [write the first name of the addressed]

You are well aware of the fact that the management has been searching to recruit a worthy general manager for the organisation.

It is our pleasure to announce that the search has come to an end, and _______________ [here write the name of the individual selected to be the general manager] will be joining us as the new general manager for the business from the ________________ [here write the date from which the individual will be joining the office of general manager]. We have selected him/ her for ____________________________ [here write down the qualities or traits because of which the individual has been selected] which we believe makes him/ her perfect fit.

Please be present at their welcoming party at __________ [time the welcoming party starts] on the joining date mentioned above.


___________________ [sender must sign his/ her name]

Primary School Appeal Letter

Primary school appeal letter is a broad head which includes all letter types wherein the primary school is either the sender or the receiver of the letter for the appeal. The primary school appeal letter template is the document which depicts the format and structure of the actual letter and helps the sender frame one for his/ her own purposes.

Sample Primary School Appeal Letter:


__________________ [name of the individual being addressed in the letter]

__________________ [job title or authoritative position of the addressed individual]

__________________ [official correspondence address of the addressed individual]


__________________ [date on which letter is being written]

___________________________________________________________ [Subject of the letter which specifies what the letter is about]

___________________ [Salutation and the last name of the individual being addressed in the letter]

My name is ______________ [full name of the sender] and I am the head of board of directors of the _______________________ [mention the name of the educational/ primary school organisation].

We have planned to launch a primary school project _____________ (mention the name and brief details of the project board wants to launch) . To get the project going we need _____________ (mention what is needed for the project implementation) and we appeal with you to help us by/ with ______________________ (mention how the respective authorities can help the board members with the project).

All relevant documents are enclosed here in. We sincerely hope that after reviewing the details in the document you will help us out.

With regards

___________________ [name and signature of the individual sending the letter]

Dental Insurance Claim Appeal Letter

An individual when filling the claim for the dental insurance needs to write a letter to the insurance company and the letter is called the dental insurance claim appeal letter. A dental insurance claim appeal letter template is the readymade document that provides structure for framing such letters.

Sample Dental Insurance Claim Appeal Letter:



__________________ [Name the individual authorised in the insurance company]

__________________ [The job title the authorised individual holds]

__________________ [Full name and correspondence address of the insurance company with whom the claim appeal is being filed]


Date: __/ __/ ____ [Date stamp of letter writing]

Subject:­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________________________________________ [Subject i.e. the compact statement of the purpose of the letter]

Respected _______________ [full name of the addressed authorised official]

I am ________________ [Sender’s own full name] and I have a dental insurance policy with _________________ [name of the insurance company].

I have recently got some ________________ [name of the surgery/ treatment] surgery/ treatment done from _______________________ [official name of the dentist or dental institution from where treatment was gotten]. This is an appeal letter to claim a full insurance for the amount of ___________________ [the amount of the bill paid by the claimant] i.e. the amount that I have paid for getting the treatment done. For confirmation purposes I have enclosed attested copies of the bill.

I urge you to look into the appeal and clear my insurance claim to the earliest. I can be contacted on ___________ [give contact details] for any further information is needed from my side.


___________________ [name of the claimant]

Fundraising Annual Appeal Letter

To raise funds for an annual event, the event organising organisation/ entity may need to write letters to the prospective fund providers and these letters are referred to as the fundraising annual appeal letters. The fundraising annual appeal letter templates are the documents which give an explanative view of how the actual letters are to be prepared.

Sample Fundraising Annual Appeal Letter:


Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. _________________

The ___________________________


[First give the full name of the individual being approached for funds provision, next the position he/ she holds (like the general manager etc.) and then give the contact details of the individual]


___/ ___/ _______ [give the date on which you are writing the letter]

Subject: __________________________________________ [now mention the subject of the letter for example- fundraising etc.]

Sir/ Ma’am [select appropriate title]

I, _________________ [give your full name], am a ___________________ [give your position] at the _____________________ [give the name of the organisation where you work and which is seeking funds for the annual event].

We are organising the annual ____________________ [mention the type of the event like a ball, a gala etc.] for the ________________________ [mention the cause/ purpose of the event being conducted] and are in the process of fundraising for the same. This letter is to appeal you for contributing in the funds for the event in any way you can.

Please consider the appeal and oblige us with your generous and heartfelt contributions. For further terms discussion please contact the under signatory.


___________________ [sender’s signature]

Employee Grievance Appeal Letter

The employee grievance appeal letter is the letter written by an employee of an organisation to a higher authority stating his/ her issues and seeking a solution for the same. The employee grievance appeal letter template is a type of pre- framed letter  with format which can be used by anyone in need to frame an actual grievance appeal letter.

Sample Employee Grievance Appeal Letter:


______________________ [Name of the superior authority being addressed]


______________________ [Title held by the superior official and his/ her official contact details like office number or address, along with company name]


___________________ [Date of writing letter]

Subject: ___________________________________________ [The employee must write the letter subject i.e. the objective of the letter].

Respected Sir/ Ma’am [Choose an appropriate title to greet the superior]

My name is _____________________ [the employee must write down his/ her full name] and I am a ___________________ [employee must mention the title he/ she holds] at the company.

I have been working here since ______________ [mention the date of joining the company] at my current position. In all my years of work here I have never faced any major problems. But off late there have been issues and I would like to appeal for grievance filing and solution. I am filing a grievance appeal _________________________ [give in detail the reason behind the grievance appeal]. It has become difficult to do my work under these circumstances.

I urge you to please look into the matter and find a solution to my grievance issues.

With regards and thanks

___________________ [the employee must sign the letter]

Acknowledge Grievance Appeal Letter

An acknowledge grievance appeal letter is the letter written by the grievance addressing authority to the individual who has filed a grievance with them. The purpose is to acknowledge the grievance and assure a solution. The template of such a letter is a readymade document that provides framework for drafting a letter.

Sample Acknowledge Grievance Appeal Letter:


_________________________ [Full Name of individual who has filed grievance]

_________________________ [Full correspondence address of the individual who has filed the grievance letter]


Date: _______________________ [The date on which the reply/ acknowledgement letter is being written].

Subject: _______________________________________________________ [The exact subject of the acknowledgement letter].

Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. ________________

This letter is in response to the letter that we received from you on the ______________ [date of receiving the grievance letter/ file] to file the grievance against ____________________________ [mention the main agenda of or against whom the grievance was filed in the letter].

Our grievance addressing team has taken note of the issue you brought to the fore and we are writing to issue an acknowledgement. We formally acknowledge the grievance and assure you that we will revert back to you regarding the problem before ______________ [mention the time of the deadline] on the _____________________ [mention the date before which the company will provide a solution].

We hope that you will place enough trust in our efforts and wait with patience till the time we reach out to you.

With regards

___________________ [the authorised official writing the letter must sign here]

___________________ [he/ she must mention their full name followed by official title held]